Step 1: Get Into Solar

Here’s what you need to know before going solar.

Solar is a proven technology

Solar technology began in 1885, when the first solar cell was created. In 1954, researchers at Bell Labs set the stage for modern solar technology by harnessing the photoelectric effect on silicon. Since then, solar has been used to power space exploration, oil derricks, cellular networks and grid-connected businesses and homes.

Today’s solar systems are reliable, proven, and known to incorporate the latest technologies designed to maximize efficiency and performance. Current solar technology has a life span of 25+ years, so you should not be worried about your panels becoming outdated. Plus, there are over 100 contractors in Connecticut eligible to perform the installation, so going solar is easier than ever.

Solar works in Connecticut

While sunny states like California lead the U.S. in solar installations, Connecticut homeowners still have much to gain from going solar.

For starters, Connecticut consistently ranks in the Top 10 states nationally for energy-efficiency, and it was the first state to establish a Green Bank to empower consumers to invest in renewable energy systems like solar.

As of March 31, 2018, more than 28,000 residences across the state have gone solar, producing over 200 MW of clean, renewable power. And while installations are on the rise, the average cost of installation continues to drop.

That’s good news for a state with the third highest electric rate in the nation (Hawaii is #1). Take a closer look at the current state of solar in Connecticut.

Solar is affordable

Another reason why Connecticut has become such a hot solar market is the availability of incentives and financing options.

Connecticut homeowners can use solar financing programs to reduce upfront costs and spread payment over 20 or more years. 

The cost of installing a solar system has gone down 75% since 2009, according to an NREL report. And the costs are lower across the board: Equipment, installation, and almost all installation related expenses.

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